Is Microsoft Trying to Beat the Competition by Buying Them Out?

Microsoft has recently been on a bit of a buying spree, like a stereotypical teenage girl at a shopping centre who buys every cute top they see on sale. Xbox Game Studios has increased their roster by adding smaller studios such as Compulsion Games (We Happy Few) and Obsidien Entertainment (The Outer Worlds). Presumably, thisContinue reading “Is Microsoft Trying to Beat the Competition by Buying Them Out?”

Will Microsoft’s ‘Project XCloud’ Fail Like Stadia?

By Daniel Waterman There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about gaming following in the footsteps of video and music and game streaming services will be the future. Microsoft has recently announced that their streaming service, Project XCloud, will be coming to their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. With thisContinue reading “Will Microsoft’s ‘Project XCloud’ Fail Like Stadia?”

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